Bio-data of Prof. V. KRISHNAMURTHY


 Father: Late Prof. R. Vasudeva Sarma

 Distinguished Sanskrit and Tamil scholar, eminent teacher:    Professor of Sanskrit, National College, Tiruchirapalli.


 Mother: Smt. Meenakshisundari


 Nativity: Born at Valavanur, Villupuram District (then

 South Arcot).  Ancestral home: Pondicherry.


 Date of Birth: 14th August, 1921


 Academic attainments:


 B.A. Degree, Madras University, I class Botany (Main) and  Chemistry (subsidiary). Ranked II in the University.  Graduated  from St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirapalli, 1940 B.Sc. (Hons.)  Degree,  Madras  II class Botany  Ranked I in the Presidency,


            Awarded the Pulnyandy Gold Medal by the University  of Madras.  Graduated from Presidency College, Chennai,  1942


            M.A. Degree,  Madras, awarded by efflux of time,  University of Madras 1947.


            M.Sc. Degree,  Madras,  By thesis submitted from  Presidency College, Chennai, 1952.


            Ph.D. Degree, University of  Manchester, U.K.  By  thesis, Manchester 1957.


 Teaching: Experience:1943 - 46 Lecturer, Pachaiyappa's  College, Chennai


            1946 - 58 Assistant Professor in Botany, Presidency  College, Chennai. 1959 - 60 Reader in Botany, St. Joseph's  College, Tiruchirapalli. Services lent by the Government of  Tamilnadu to the College.  Organized the M.Sc course in  Botany including infrastructure facilities.


            1961 - 72 Professor, Tamilnadu Educational Service


                        (a) 1961 - 65 Promoted as Professor and  posted as Professor of Biology, Thanjavur Medical College and  then as Professor of Microbiology and Bacteriology in the  Department of Public Health Engineering in the college of  Engineering, Guindy.  Organized the first   courses in India in  Microbiology of Water and Sewage and Food. Prepared a  syllabus in, and taught Limnology.


 (b) 1965 - 71   Services lent to CSIR, to be appointed as  Scientist, Central Salt and marine Chemicals Research  Institute, Bhavnagar.  Organized research on Marine Algae and  their Chemistry and Utilization; in 1969, established the  marine Algal Research Station of the Institute at Mandapam.


 (c) 1972  Reverted to the State Service as Professor of  Botany at  LN Govt. Arts College, Ponneri.


 1973 - 79 Promoted in 1973 as Principal, Govt. Arts Colleges,  in Tamilnadu Educational Service


            1979 - 80 Honarary Professor, Pachaiyappa's College,  Chennai


            1989 - 90 Appointed Emeritus Professor in  Presidency College, Chennai.


 1991 Founded the Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology,  continued  as Director of the Institute until his demise on 9th  May, 2014.


 Research Experience:


 1942 - Joined the Madras University Botany Laboratory as a  Research Scholar


 under Prof. M.O.P. Iyengar, who is considered as the Father of  Algology in India.


 1943 - Onwards.  After joining Pachaiyappa's College as  Lecturer and later Presidency College as Assistant Professor,  continued to do part time research in Algology under the kind  guidance of Prof. Iyengar.


 1951 - Submitted M.Sc. thesis entitled "Studies on some  South Indian Algae" obtained M.Sc. Degree in 1952.


 1956 - 58  Deputed for higher studies under the Colombo  Plan to the University of Manchester, U.K.  Submitted thesis  for Ph.D. degree in September,


            1958. Obtained the degree in December, 1958.


            1965 - 71 Deputed by Tamilnadu Government to CSIR  for appointment as Scientist 'C' at the Central Salt and  Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar.  Organized  and carried out research on  seaweeds and their utilization.    Organized a survey of seaweed  resources of India.    Established field units for the purpose, one of   them later  developed into a field research station, Marine Algal        Research Station at Mandapam, Tamilnadu.


            1968 - 69  Was deputed as a visiting Research Fellow  to Friday Harbour Laboratories, Friday Harbor, Wash. USA to  carry out research on marine algae.  Visited all important  centres of algal study in U.S.


            1971          Reverted to Tamilnadu Educational Service


            1973          Promoted as Principal


            1979          Retired from Government Service.


 1979 - 84      Research Associate in the Project on Algal  Flora of India sanctioned to rof. T.V. Desikachary at the CAS

 in  Botany, University of Madras.


            1984 - 88  Research Associate in the Project on  Phytoplankton of the Indian Ocean, sanctioned to Prof. T.V.  Desikachary at the CAS in  Botany,  University of Madras.


            1989 Joined the Department of Botany, Presidency  College as Emeritus Professor to carry out further research on  algae.


 1991   Founded the Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology.  Was  the Founding- President and Director of Research.  Continuing  in this capacity till death.


 1992  Completed a Project on Sargassum spp. from Indian  coasts.


 Seminars, Symposia and conferences attended.


 1956    Field meeting of the British Phycological Society at  Dale Fort, South Wales,


 1957    Meeting of the British Phycological Society at London.


 1959    Indian Science Congress, Madras.


 1960    International Symposium on Algology, New Delhi.


 1965    Seminar on Sea, Salt & Plants, Bhavnagar.  Organizing  Secretary  & Editor, Proceedings of the Symposium (1967).


 1969    International Seaweed Symposium at Santiago de  Campostela, Spain. .During this symposium a World Working  Group on Seaweeds was formed by FAO and  was coopted as a  member of this group to represent India.


 1970    International Symposium on Taxonomy and Biology of  Blue-green Algae, Madras.


 1974    International Symposium on Taxonomy of Algae,  Madras.


 1977    International Seaweed Symposium at Santa Barbara,  U.S.A.


 1984    International Symposium on the Marine Algae of the  Indian Ocean, Bhavnagar.


 1986    International Symposium and Workshop on Algae in  connection with M.O.P. Iyengar Centenary celebrations -  Resource person for marine algae.


 1987    Indian Science Congress, Pune.  Presented theme  paper on Future of Algology (Co-author with T.V. Desikachary)


 1988    III International Phycological Congress, Monash  University, Melbourne, Australia.


 Chaired a session. Attended meeting of the International  Organizing Committee for IV IPC as its member.  Attended  Post congress workshop on Coralline algae at La Trobe  University.


 1989    Workshop on Gracilaria resources of the Indian Ocean  conducted by FAO at Songhkla, Thailand. Gave a talk on  Gracilarias of India.


 1990    National Symposium on Cyanobacterial nitrogen  fixation, New Delhi.


 1996    International Symposium on Cyanobacterial  Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli.    Chaired a session. Papers, Books etc


            1. Research Papers published                           138


            2. Books edited                                               8


            3. Books authored                                            3


            4. Books under preparation                               2




 1. Founded Seaweed Research and Utilization Association,  1970.  President since inception.  Chief Editor of Journal,  Seaweed Research and Utilization.


 2.Founded Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology, 1991.  

 Founder - President and Director of Research till his death.

 Editor, Indian Hydrobiology, official journal of the  Institute.


 3.Countries visited


            UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden,  Spain, United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore,  Thailand, Australia.


 4.Organized more than twenty seminars and Workshops on  various aspects of marine algae on behalf of Seaweed  Research Association and the Krishnamurthy Institute of  Algology.


 5.Conducted Training courses in algal products, algal research  methodology and marine algal taxonomy for students and  scholars deputed by different organizations.


            (1) Department of Botany, Theagarajar College,  Madurai - 1996


            (2)Department of Botany, Pune University, 2001.


            (3)CSMCRI - Bhavnagar, 2002.


 6. No. of Ph.Ds produced :16


 7.No. of M.Phil students guided   : 10




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